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THE GAME IS FREE! but any donations are a big and very needed help on the development of the second installment, already in the works. Check Facebook, Patreon and Youtube for updates.
FINAL UPDATE (Possibly, since I'm already working on the more complete sequel):

*Autosave! no more super old school passwords, still, if you want to cheat and unlock all three levels send me a message.
*More invincibility frames, so you don't get knocked around silly.
*Vultures no longer sound like starving cats, they're more subtle now.
*Fixed over-saturation in level splash screen, now it's normally saturated.
*Game is a bit more forgiving, I've finished it, testers have finished it, I know third level is hard but I believe in you, so believe in the ME that believes in YOU!

Update notes:

*Instead of 2 lives, you start with 5 *Some enemies give you a 1up *vultures no longer stick to you like evil leeches *River section in the Red Forest is no longer a ride through purgatory, it's now bearable and fairly forgiving *Bosses give more of a heads up before ruining your day *You now have 5 hearts (health) *Like a bad surgeon, I left a code that cranks the volume in the level splash screen, it was intentionally saturated already, though, so bear with me.


Ghosting Gun: Vanguard is a fun short game that serves as introduction to the Ghosting Gun Project.

*A mid-range PC is recommended, since it's a bit resource heavy for a 2D, this is due to demanding sprite work and big pages, most contemporary low ends can probably run it regardless.

*An XBOX One/360 type controller is recommended, but can be played with keyboard.

This is the first video game I develop, so:

*Please submit any issues or bug reports at jdaltaire@gmail.com
Include if possible the details of your PC.

If you like this, please support the development of the next installment already in the works; a longer, more polished experience.  Support by donating, following or subscribing at:

Published Sep 17, 2017
GenreShooter, Platformer
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, stylish


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Again, I think this game is the foundation for something great! just needs some tweaking ^_^

Thanks man! seems like a real fair review, I appreciate that and will definitely take note of the issues during the current development of what's basically the sequel; this being a prologue of sorts; It'd be longer and more polished, and it's already in the works; so input like this is very important. I'll share your video in my Facebook page if that's OK.

that'd be awesome! I'm glad you're open to feedback I always worry I'll piss someone off. It's a really beautiful game, I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

Art style is beautiful, music is awesome, character, level and enemy designs are cool, and weapons are fun. But the game doesn't really feel fair, it's fun in sections where you cant fall off anything and the attacks feel avoidable but extended fall-to-death sections where you have to replay the full level to get back and enemy attacks that fill the play area with little to no warning makes the game frustrating. Giving better restart points and or doing away with the lives system as well as adding better indicators to certain attacks (first boss, machine gun spray) would go a long way from making this an okay game to an amazing game. Overall it is a start to an fantastic action platformer! Video tomorrow.

Noted! thanks for the input, being able to react is important, maybe more sound/visual cues should be added.

I noticed in my video editing that there was a siren that went off before she fired, I think it was hard to hear over the music in the moment

Yeah, I actually put it there so it didn't catch you by surprise, also first shots hit the ground, but it's probably too fast and the alarm is too low, so maybe better visual cues.