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Hi there, is there a far off chance of their being a linux executable for the demo possibly?

Hey, thanks for the interest but sorry about that, I don't have a way to test it and no team to help me, but I'll take in account the fact that there's interest in case I can make an update.

Yeah, about that testing, I dont mind if it is not a tested version, I am assuming here that it wont break my laptop, but I am allright with there not being a warranty of a working demo.

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///NOTE TO READERS/// Comments made before the 25th of August are aimed at the previous build of the game. The game has been upgraded, this includes changes in some game mechanics and level design.


So, I'm starting to get to a point in the game where some criticisms are creeping back in, but that's alright! I've found that in two of the bosses I faced in this episode (one I didn't really see since I killed him so quickly) they've tended towards mechanics that don't really play to Mozz's strengths. The fights have been a lot of stand back and shoot, jump away and repeat. I really loved the earlier bosses because some encouraged you to get up close and use the spins and melee, but as we get farther in they've been more and more just shooting. I have quite a bit at the end of the video this time around, I hope you find it useful :)

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Thanks man, taking notes here, always appreciated! you'd benefit a lot from switching between gun modes if you had all of them at this point (and completed the challenges) I'll continue in your video-

Oh, side note, you'll probably also want to keep a balanced long range-close range approach with the last boss, or it'll be near impossible; highly recommended saving your predator. Another side note: you can skip dialogue pressing start/enter, have fun! hope it's not too infuriating heh.

So, I was initally a little worried about the game balance through the first few levels , but as the game ramps up a bit, it's awesome to see how a lot of the abilities have a different synergy. The general fodder can still be trivial at times, but there are some great sections scattered through the levels so far. But the bosses, OOH the bosses! They just keep getting better. As always, already looking forward to more!

Nice! glad you're having a good time; I also agree with a lot of what you say on the video, and do take notes; by the way, I highly recommend getting the ultra shot, it's my personal favorite, predator is just an absolute cheap bastard and hydra is mostly for dealing with crowds.

It's pretty amazing to see how far this game has come while still retaining so much of what made it cool in the first place! It plays well, feels good, it's funny and just damn fun to play. The controls are tight and responsive, looks fantastic and the combat and platforming feel so much better than they did in the early alpha. The fact that this is all a from a solo dev too makes it all the more impressive. Easily worth your $5, but a demo for a little taste wouldn't hurt either. Great work and I'm looking forward to a few more episodes!

Super awesome, man, I've had some great input and response so far from people who have played it, I hope to keep building on this experience, and totally agree, should put out a demo, which I will.

Hey! Congrats on the full release!


Hey man, thanks! It was super heavy doing every single thing myself, but I learned a lot, I really hope I can continue making games, it's my new favorite thing.

Forgot to mention, if you ever want to take it for a spin email me at for a key. Thanks!